What we do

nordi provides custom made furniture and interior element manufacturing and project management services to B2B clients.

Our clients

Architects and interior designers, real estate developers and construction project leaders, industry enterprises, state and municipal authorities.

Our experience

We manufacture furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, airports, shops and retail centers, educational institutions, medical, sports, and rehabilitation centers, cruise ships, offices, exhibition stands, libraries, and museums.

Within these projects, we produce built-in and freestanding furniture, decorative and acoustic wall panels, doors, and staircase elements for private and public spaces.

We primarily work with various types of wood materials, metal, and upholstery, which we complement with additional elements (stone, glass, composite materials, lighting).


According to architectural plans, furniture projects, schedule, and expected cash flow, we prepare our proposal. Upon starting collaboration, we develop technical documentation for confirmation with the client.

We work according to Incoterm EXW conditions, and we can also provide delivery and assembly of goods on-site.

We become part of the project team to jointly achieve the client's set goals.

Environment and sustainability

We strictly adhere to the client's specified material specifications, which often include responsible, environmentally safer material selection.

We provide furniture renovation and refurbishing of upholstered furniture..


In our work, we combine over 25 years of accumulated knowledge in the furniture industry, project planning and management, as well as product design. Our daily work is based on the company's values - creativity, honesty, and satisfaction.