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The original idea was to create a system according to function, not the product itself - a children’s bed. A system that allows one product function to be transformed into another while maintaining ergonomics, aesthetics and proportions.

In addition to this functionality, emotional impulses were sought and a story created. The symbols of this product line are mountains and windows, as well as the moon, which has given the collection its name "MoON". Mountains already have been one of the main visual and emotional elements that characterize NORDI furniture children's furniture.

Designer Miks Petersons: “Mountains are a never-ending calling, teaches humility before the majesty of nature, challenges and allows you to look further, to dream. Sleeping by an open window, where in the distance you can see the mountain peeks illumined by the full moon and feel safe. Sleeping on top of the mountains and be just a little away from everyday’s ordinary life. A small but personal place to restore and to dream. ”

The mountain silhouette used in the MoON collection creates the illusion that the child is lying above the mountain peaks. High in the sky and safe, while looking at the world through arched windows.

Seven years - from newborn to school age - is the approximate using time of the MoON children’s bed. It is also important that the proportions of the bed change with the child.

This long-term setting requires selecting quality materials and creating a safe construction that will not only serve to one child.

The furniture is made of solid oak, plywood and high-quality MDF wood panels covered with water-based finishing materials. For children aged 0 - 7 years. Mattress size 140-160 x 70 cm. The MoON crib has been tested and meets European safety standards (EN-716: 2017 + AC: 2019).

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