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Movement is freedom. A multifunctional accessory for movement to promote personal development, regardless of the conditions available. Specially adapted for both gyms and home environments and offices, so that people can improve their health and well-being.

The product is designed not to discriminate against anyone, it is suitable for both children and seniors, as well as physically active people and those who are prescribed various therapies related to movement - physiology and arts.

We use wood, which is a renewable resource, water-based varnishes and natural waxes. The product itself and its packaging are suitable for further processing and are not harmful to nature. When making a product from solid wood, the consumption of wood is minimized and the processing process does not create large waste.

The product is specifically designed for exercise, which is one of the foundations of human health and well-being.

Each of our S2020 boards is made of one solid wood board, which is bent using traditional woodworking technology, or plywood.

Rounding radius are selected according to the function of the board and ease of use. The end rounds are gentle on the hands and the floor, the side rounds help to avoid potential injuries when swinging.

As a result, the appearance of the S2020 resembles the silhouette of a classic wooden boat.

Our goal in working with this product is to give people the opportunity to move, create curiosity and motivate. As the product can be used individually and also in groups, the levels of involvement are different. We are pleased that this product is useful for professional athletes in their daily routine, people working at home and in the office and in therapy. The products are used in work with children in the hospital's hematooncology department as a dance and movement aid.

We have made this product category safer. Security is an important argument to take the first step and start working with yourself.

We want to highlight the TRADITION. The solid wood balance board is made of one whole board. To find out, we looked for an artisanal solution, which we found in the method of bending the solid wood model of model No. 60 (tripod stools) developed by Alvar Aalto in 1933.

Solid wood board is made of one whole board by making partial cuts, which are compensated by a thin veneer and folded into a shape.

This product made it possible to see again how important it is to listen to the needs of users and how much it improves the product. As well as the reference to traditional crafts is a value that allows you to create something new and respect the previously created.

We have received the main prize of the Latvian Designers' society  in the competition "Step in the World" in 2020. The works were judged by an international jury.

Hand made in Latvia.

nordi, Design Miks Pētersons, UCD 2019

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