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007 KiDSON cot

Baby bed makes the central element of the collection – as a cozy, grass-covered mountain saddle, where to rest for a while before the long, upcoming journey.

The colour frame for this collection is black and white, combined with the natural oak.

The raven black – raven is legendary for different tribes and nations. Raven is a clever bird, often with unexplainable powers. Ravens symbolize both the worldliness and the inner wisdom. They quickly adapt to new situations, they play and they observe.

The seagull white – seagull can adjust to different conditions – waves of the sea, depths of the sky, and citywalls. Seagull is a free follower of its own passage, and tends to fullfill its own wishes. Rapid, joyous and vivid.

Oak – old or young, oak represents respect. Longevity and experience, twisted in the wreath, passed over to the next generations.

We use environmentally friendly materials for our furniture – MDF plates according E1 standard and European oak. Water based paints and plant based oil.

Made in Latvia

Designer Miks Pētersons

Dimensions 144 x 78 x 90 cm