Balance board S2020 – boat board – fun, sport, harmony

Multi function accessory for children’s games and diversification of general physical preparation exercises and yoga.
Someone goes by a glassware boat, someone by plywood, but someone chooses a wooden boat. Same with balance boards. Each of our S2020 boards is made of a single solid wood board that is bent using traditional woodworking technology.
The technical solution refers to the tree bending method of model No 60 (three-legged stool) developed by Alvar Aalto in 1933.
Rounding is selected according to the function of the board and comfort of use. The rounding of the ends is gentle for the hands and the floor, while the rounding on the sides helps to prevent potential injuries while swinging.
As a result, external look of S2020 is close to the silhouette of a classic wooden boat.
Hand made in Latvia.

Design Miks Pētersons, UCD 2019

“The S2020 is based on several needs: the first is the need to vary general physical exercises preparing for the 2020 trail running season; the other is to find an ingenious way to make such accessory from the single wooden piece, by adding functionality and aesthetic. As well to bring the fun and playful and a developing toy for my 3 kids”